The Beginning…..

Everyone`s experience of the ’80s era, especially the music, was quiet different.
There was no Social media, no Internet, and only a handful of music magazines. Outside of MTV, bands rarely appeared on television. Getting booked was a huge deal.
Everyone knew all the hit songs, and although there were definitely some trademark ’80s sounds. Top 20/40 Radio countdown shows discover new music, Music videos were a new thing at the time, being able to see the artist added distraction and amusement.
It was still just exciting to see so many new and different things being tried out. You’d see something on MTV, then go out and buy the album. VINYL album! You couldn’t just download a song, you had to go to the record store and flip through all the 45s (7 inch records) if you wanted a song, but then there’d be a b-side (the other side of the record), and that usually whet your appetite for more. So you’d buy the whole album and play it on the record player, listening as you looked at the huge art work and maybe lyrics in your room. Sometimes the record would be scratched and that would become as much a part of the song as the anything else. Once in a while you’d get a goodie along with the album, like a foldout poster. …….
Not everyone was able to watch MTV or realized the Top 20/40 radio shows or checked those new born music magazines !
and then there was…..
5 strange looking guys, crazy haircuts, especially the band member who was called “Limahl”,
the curious name Kajagoogoo, their first song Too Shy…… the leadsinger`s voice, the sound of the music…..
The most interesting question on that is…
What made Kajagoogoo so unique for you when you first realized them?