The Gentle Touch – Something Blue

Christopher Hamill guest-starred as FREDDY  on 5 September 1980 in the Something Blue episode of The Gentle Touch. It was the first episode of the second series for Touch and one of a handful of appearances remaining in Limahl`s  television career.

The Gentle Touch was a British police drama television series made by London Weekend Television for ITV which ran from 1980-1984. Commencing transmission on 11 April 1980, the series is notable for being the first British series to feature a female police detective as its leading character, ahead of the similarly themed BBC series Juliet Bravo by four months.


The series starred Jill Gascoine as Detective Inspector Maggie Forbes, who has worked her way up through the ranks of the police force and is based at the Seven Dials police station in London. Maggie’s husband, a police constable, is murdered during the first episode, leaving her to juggle her career with single parenthood, raising her teenage son.

The opening 25% of Blue runs with a detailed plot of a professional shoplifting gang on the loose in High Street. It is during that time we see D. I. Maggie inadvertently discovering “girlie” magazines in the bedroom of 16-year-old son, Steve, while cleaning. Concerned and shocked Maggie is advised by both her father and Detective Sergeant Jake Barrattt to “forget it” and accept it as a growing up norm.


With “girlie” set in Maggie’s mind as nothing less than pornography, she is unable to do that. She questions Steve and a row ensues. She later picks up on a telephone call between Steve and mate Phil as the later invites him over to view “blue” videos the next day. Maggie becomes more upset and when Steve fails to answer the home phone when Maggie calls from the station the following day, she is determined to confront the boys at Phil’s parent’s home. Convinced that she is crossing the legal bounds of her authority, Barratt is anxious to accompany Maggie. Once there they learn that Steve is not present at Phil’s but confront Phil and friend Freddy nonetheless.

Sharing scene with Simon as “Freddy” is same-age (nothing like using near 22-year-olds to play 16) Christopher Hamill — now known as Limahl and whose life’s story is much more interesting than the episode we discuss here. We wonder if Limahl remembers watching “blue” videos with his friend Simon Gipps-Kent?