Haircuts, Make-up & more


FIRST of all – Punks do not have anything to do with Limahl or Kajagoogoo….neither today, nor in the eighties, but bands of the 80s revealed character traits by using clothing
and hairstyles.

So many NEW 80s – bands  like KajaGooGoo, Duran Duran, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Adam And The Ants……. lets not forget The Cure, Depeche Mode or Spandau Ballet …too much bands at some point…. – who could be YOUR favourite – that was a really hard time….right?


They all had different styles, but it seemed like they all would have the same Designer….and some really looked like directly jumped out of a paintbox!


My first “contact” with KajaGooGoo was to hear Too Shy on the radio….. no pictures, no information about WHO was singing there, only the name of the band and the title of the song…. “Too Shy Shy, hush hush, eye to eye…” BAM! I was “infected” and I went directly into the next record shop:


So I was the lucky owner of Too Shy….. but without “GOOGLE” & todays social media networks – I only had the input about some other things:the title, the bands name and I saw the first picture of the band members…..and their names….till that point/picture I still was a 13 year old girl, listening to a song from a band with a “funny” name….

Looking for “more” informations about Kajagoogoo I got some music magazines which showed some pictures from the boys…ONE PERSON got my whole interest and that was….


Not a Steve or Jez….not a Nick or Stuart! A person called Limahl! We just have to remember that it was not the time for to see a lot of music shows on telly….so we only had those magazines first….

Back to the picture on top – the punks… memories on that is what sooooo many people said to me ….”How can you like someone who looks like a punk?”

Limahl`s haircut was an eye catcher and  I loved it!


His use of diametrically opposed coloring and a spiked pompadour in combination with the mullet resulted in a cut that screamed “LOOK AT ME, I WANT TO BE NOTICED!” – ( Limahl,I can tell ya – it worked with me!).

Isn`t it ironic that Kajagoogoo’s brilliant hit was “Too Shy”?